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30 DECEMBER 2018 SchoolArts E L E M E N T A R Y O n the morning before our first Sumi Ink Club session, prepara - tions are made. Tables, coun- tertops, and windowsills are covered with white paper; sumi ink and brushes are put in places for easy retrieval; chairs are moved out of the way to allow for movement around the tables; and calming instrumental music is played softly in the back - ground. Students who have experienced the "club" before squeal with excite - ment as they enter the artroom—they know it's Sumi Ink Club day! Ink Club Origins This collaborative participatory art event was originally dubbed the Sumi Ink Club by Sara Rara and Luke Fis- chbeck, the artist team who invented the project. Sara and Luke created a set of simple rules and strategies for starting and supporting this group drawing experience: (1) Limit the materials to black sumi ink and brushes. (2) Create images that others can add to. (3) Do not add words or names to the drawing. (4) Keep mov- ing around the drawing. (5) Add to what others have drawn. Sumi Ink Club meetings can be hosted anywhere, by anyone. Having previously attended one of Sara and Luke's workshops inspired me to set up a similar group drawing experi- ence for students to collaboratively kick off each school year. Introducing Collaboration Creating a safe space for collaboration in the artroom is essential. If students feel judged by their creations or judge others, they cannot successfully col- laborate on the group drawing. Stu- dents must trust in themselves and their fellow artists. I have students work together in teams at large tables to build a collaborative classroom community, facilitating exercises such as turn-and-talk and mind map- ping to gauge their prior knowledge of collaboration. From there we dive into the numer- ous ways collaboration is used in art before introducing the media—sumi ink. I gauge students' knowledge of Kelsi Quicksall COLLABORATION An Artroom Ink A tablet or smartphone is the perfect tool for documenting a class-wide collaborative drawing session.

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