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DEC 2018

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H I G H S C H O O L T his past year, I was determined to introduce my students to more contemporary artists. During my research, I became intrigued with artists who work col - laboratively, such as Red Grooms and the Ruckus Construction Company. Red Grooms is a sculptor who uses wood, nails, papier-mâché, paint, and a team of other artists to create Tyrus Manning The Peace of Cake CUPCAKE FACTORY amazing installations. Studying his work and methods inspired me to create a room-sized papier-mâché art installation with my students. Introducing the Challenge Before students arrived, I stacked up all of the materials I had gathered for the project in a huge pile in the middle of the artroom. As students entered the room, they looked con - fused but intrigued. We gathered around our smartboard to watch a documentary film about Red Grooms titled Sunflower in a Hot House. After discussing the film, I dem- onstrated the basics of papier-mâché. I then pointed to the stack of card- board, old newspapers, and other materials and issued the challenge: Students transformed their artroom into a Grooms-style cupcake factory, complete with papier-mâché employees, a storefront, a café, and a stage for entertainment.

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