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Caption SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM 17 a letter to the kindergartner in the voice of the monster, sharing its visit to the university. This aspect of the project allowed the preservice teacher to consider word choice and how to best connect and communicate with a child. Kindergartners wrote thank you letters in return, which were cherished by the preservice students. Thoughts to Future Collaborations As an art education professor, I aspire to create and facilitate col - laborations that allow for meaning- As art educators, we can provide a place fo oung students to harness their personal interests so their creative ideas can flourish. form. The college student also had to select a site on campus that the mon - ster was to have visited to include in a background composition. The college students each selected a monster drawing and accompanying written description. It was important to keep the original contour line of the original monster, so we transferred the drawing onto a larger piece of black paper using a document projector. After transferring the drawing to the new paper, the college student made the monster appear three-dimensional using chalk or oil pastel. I demon - strated techniques for creating depth by adding a light source and shading. The preservice teachers were very motivated and excited when they learned that they would be giving their artwork as a gift to the kindergartners who drew the original monster. Each college student also wrote ful learning to unfold among all participants. I have found that learn - ing experiences for education majors are rich and valued when they con - nect to children and bridge theory with practice. College student Nicole Tener wrote, "This project was an amazing way for us aspiring educa - tors to interact and connect with children similar to our future stu - dents. It was exciting and rewarding. I would do it again if I could!" Nicole Romanski is a professor at Kutz- town University in Kutztown, Pennsylva- nia. N A T I O N A L S T A N D A R D Responding: Understanding and eval- uating how the arts convey meaning. W E B L I N K Prestin Schaeffer, kindergarten monster drawing. Prestin's monster visits the Kutztown University campus. Drawing by Ryan Marshall.

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