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NOV 2018

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CHECK OUT NEW lesson plans and video workshops at For students of all ages! ® Alliance for Young & Writers Artists 800•447•8192 BLICK ® Luminous Fossil Prints Lesson Plan for Grades preK–8 Step 1: Roll a small amount of clay into a ball, then flatten it. Step 2: Place a leaf onto the clay, then roll over it to press it into the clay. Step 4: If desired, tint your "fossil" with additional pigment in a contrasting color. Step 3: Gently rub powdered pigment onto the front and back. Press leaves and other natural materials into soft clay to form a modern-day "compression fossil," then apply a layer of "sediment" in the form of lustrous powdered pigments to create detailed outlines. When dry, these shimmering, colorful fossils can be made into pendants, ornaments, or charms. Make a clay impression, then make it impressive with a shimmer of color. Jacquard Pearl-Ex Pigments Das Modeling Clay To enter visit 5th Annual CONTEST Mx ei I can connect

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