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H I G H S C H O O L W orking to revamp my anat- omy unit, my plan was to help students understand the basic anatomy of the human body, transition into body mechanics, sketch to capture a gesture, and finally, to work towards a full ren- dering of a figure in pose. In the past, I have focused on creating a detailed observational drawing of the bones to serve as the culminating activity, but this year I wanted to try something different. With students' portfolios in mind, I wanted to create a lesson that Jude Saleet would allow them to experience work- ing with a wider range of media. This was the impetus for having my stu- dents create a collage. Only a Little Humerus (Sorry, I couldn't resist.) I start by bor- rowing a skeleton from the science department, and I ask students to explore it with their cameras, captur- ing an interesting perspective and arrangement of bones. Students plan their design much like a storyboard. They place their best images at the top of the board, choose one, and create a line sketch and a color sketch to help build an under- standing of the forms, values, and colors. From there, they choose a small section of the color design to turn into a sample collage. I encourage students to create a color scheme that appeals to them, even if it's not realistic. Once the storyboard is complete, students submit this as part of their proposal during the critique. I provide them with feedback and support as they turn their concepts into a final work. Kaleb Watkins, Spine, grade ten. Jenna Stockman, Backbone, grade ten. 34 NOVEMBER 2018 SchoolArts

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