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NOV 2018

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The Project at a Glance Students use journals or sketchbooks to create a list of positive qualities they are personally thankful for and appreciative of in their lives. Next, they create a self-portrait using a photocopied color image of themselves as a jumping-off point. The end result is a mixed-media freestanding paper sculpture that has a color portrait on one side and a written document using text from their journals on the other. Starting with a Gratitude Journal Instruct students to keep a personal journal focused on the things for which they are most thankful. Dur- ing the course of a week or more, ask s tudents to add a daily entry. Explain that they will create a gratitude list that will be significant to the suc - cess of this project. It should not t ake any more than a few minutes each day. Students should aim to have thirty to fifty items on their gratitude list. Part of this writing should hap - pen during a weekend because varied environments will trigger different thoughts. Instruct students to be cre- ative with their sentence structure a nd avoid making simple lists. The goal is to document personal appre- ciation, gratitude, and thanksgiving. When the writing phase is complete, have students read through their lists. What are the things that stand out the most? These words, sentences, and phrases can be highlighted. The Art-Making Process Ask students to each think of some- thing that makes them really happy and then take a full-face photo with that expression. Print the photos on 8 x 10" (20 x 25 cm) heavy quality paper. Next, have students mount their image on a piece of cardboard to provide stability during drawing and painting. Use painter's tape so it can easily be removed later. Students next apply white acrylic paint to the background and the majority of the face. This eliminates 85 percent of the color in the over - all image, leaving a linear drawing. Allow the drawing to dry. Photocopy the resulting images so Acknowledging gratitude will unlock the fullness of life while nurturing creativit . 28 NOVEMBER 2018 SchoolArts

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