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H I G H S C H O O L "I ou don't have the budget for a handmade brass paint box, there are plent f options! Besides read made plastic or metal palettes, I've used mint tins, chocolate tins, e e shadow cases, and mini Tupperware. Making them is fun and potentiall ddictive. I still have a rectangular tea tin and an antique Schmincke field palette waiting to be filled with paints I haven't discovere et!" — Li Ching, @lichingheng "Glass bab ood jars with lids!" — Linda Lea Evans, Waupun, WI "I'd been using a paint palette fo aints when doing touch-ups and adding details but finding that the paint dries out too much in between, even when covering with cling wrap. Then I thought about using a pill box as the lid clips closed and the ave small compartments; it works! Costs $2 from the discount store. Oh, and ou can use the inside of the lid a our paint palette to mix colors, etc." — Jess Hill, "Lids to ol ogurt containers make for eas -to-use paint dishes." — Kathr n Vaughn, Memphis, TN HACKS ART This month, SchoolArts asked our Instagram and Twitter followers to share how they use recycled materials as paint palettes and paint storage. Here's what they said: TIPS AND TRICKS FOR MAKING ARTROOM LIFE EASIER Follow our social media channels for a chance to hav our response featured! SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM 15

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