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October 2018

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Clothespin-Inspired: Designed by art teachers at St. Thomas More Catholic High School in Lafayette, Louisiana, this challenge provides students with an ordinary item to use as inspiration for creating an extraordinary work of art. The ordinary item should be some - thing simple and inexpensive such as a c lothespin or a paper clip. This object, which students only receive one of, should be used as inspiration but does not necessarily need to be physically incorporated into the work. TASK Party: Created by Oliver Her- ring, a TASK Party involves students s electing a written task from a box and completing the task. Once the task has been completed, students write their own task to replace the one completed. Tantamounter: The idea, originally titled Tantamounter 24/7, was first implemented by the art group Per - forma. Participants were encouraged to p rovide the group with an object. The object was taken behind closed doors and a little while later, the object was returned along with a piece of art that creatively replicates the original object. 3. Creation After students have been inspired by the artists and artworks, and hav e c ompleted the design challenges , they have a considerable understand - ing of how artists can work withi n limitations. At this point, the y s hould be able to formulate a projec t i dea that includes a limitation an d create an original artwork. 4. Reflection Once students have completed their p roject, they reflect on their learnin g b y writing, blogging, or discussing their work. Here are some sample questions they may consider: • What limitation did you place on yourself to make this artwork? • What challenges or obstacles did you encounter while working within this limitation? • How did you overcome the obsta- cles that you encountered while creating this artwork? • Did you gain or develop new skills by working within this limitation? Postscript: My son's apple pie turned out rather well. Ian Sands is a visual arts instructor at South Brunswick High School in South - port, North Carolina, and co-author of The Open Art Room, available now from Davis Publications. Illustration by Brooke B., student at South Brunswick High School. F a l l i n l o v e w i t h o u r g r e a t p a i n t s ! F a l l i n l o v e w i t h o u r g r e a t p a i n t s ! All Handy Art ® products are proudly made in the USA Visit us online! Quality products, reliable service since 1974. SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM 49

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