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36 OCTOBER 2018 SchoolArts M I D D L E S C H O O L Josephine Langbehn E mojis continue to play an impor- tant role in the way we com- municate. They are part of our daily lives and they are ingrained in pop culture (e.g., World Emoji Day and The Emoji Movie). An emoji is a small digital image or icon used in electronic communications to express an idea or emotion. Students' everyday communications often include emo - jis—giving us the perfect excuse to bring them into the artroom! I want to connect art with a world students can relate to. I want to get students think - ing about the purpose of emojis, what other meanings they might have, and how they express our identities. Emoji Artists Students draw inspiration for the sculptures in this lesson not only from current emojis in everyday life, but also by exploring the work of art - ists Yung Jake (see SchoolArts, April 2017 in Web Links) and Yue Minjun. Students examine how Yue Minjun uses emotion in his portraits and how Yung Jake creates portraits of celebri - ties and historical figures with emojis. IRL (In Real Life) To start the lesson, we change scen- ery and spend time working in the E X P R E S S I V E E M O J I S

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