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SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM 19 M I D D L E S C H O O L I collaborated with my student Harrison Dodge, who wrote most of this article. When planning this Boxed Humans proj - ect, I wanted to give my s tudents freedom to create pieces that reflected their own developing styles. The goal for this project was for students to explore drawing different parts of the human body with a sculptural pres - ence. I also wanted students t o learn how to plan projects using large-scale drawings, which helped them in exper - imenting with colors, mate- rials, and ideas. This project s eemed to take on a life of its own as students worked. They had to come up with solutions for challenges such as how to hang their artwork for display. This project kept my students engaged and challenged. Student Introduction Class with Mrs. Phelps is not your ordinary art class. We often enter the class- room and have a new layer o f our project waiting at our desks. This keeps the class interesting through - out the year, and our proj- ects this semester have b een no exception. Boxed Humans is a mixed-media project that required studying and draw- ing different parts of the h uman body and later mak- ing a sculpture. We learned t o draw, paint, sculpt, and print the body parts we chose including hands, legs, faces, and whatever else we wanted to add to our sculptures. Studying human anatomy was a vital part of this project. The process of drawing involves mistakes and art that students are not always proud of, but Harrison Dodge and Kala Phelps HUMANS BOXED Brady Thorpe, grade seven.

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