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October 2018

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H I G H S C H O O L "I have a cabinet with labeled bins enabling students to be responsible for obtaining their own media." — Leigh Drake, Virginia Beach, VA "Foam blocks wrapped in visuall ppealing tapes is great to hold permanent markers, pencils, and blades! One quick glance at the end of each class assures supplies st in the room!" —Mrs. Kane, West Des Moines, IA "I organized closets and supplies b medium or t pe...painting, drawing, printmaking, paper, crafts, fiber arts, etc. I onl ake out the supplies we need and one student from each table will get all the materials for their group, but ever one takes pride in clean up." — Ms. Lopez T lor, Houston, TX Follow SchoolArts on Facebook and Twitter for a chance to hav our favorites featured! "Water bottle ice cube tr or paint brush storage. #organizedartroom." —Kathr n Vaughn, Memphis, TN HACKS ART This month, SchoolArts asked our Facebook and Twitter followers to share some of their favorite tips and tricks for storing art supplies. TIPS AND TRICKS FOR MAKING ARTROOM LIFE EASIER 14 OCTOBER 2018 SchoolArts

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