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minimize drips. If a student did drip on the oil pastel, we allowed it to dry and then chipped it off. Next, they painted every white space that did not have oil pastel with black India ink, filling in the tree. One student decided to leave the inside of her tree white after painting the lines, creat - ing a beautiful sense of contrast. Discuss and Reflect Once our creations were done, I showed students Klimt's artwork and asked them to discuss and write four reflection questions: 1. Why did Mrs. Wintemberg have you do this assignment? What did she want you to learn? 2. How is your picture similar to Gus- tav Klimt's picture? 3. Klimt's picture is mysterious. It uses many symbols. What are some sym - bols you can find in his artwork? 4. Make up a story to explain what is going on in his picture. We proudly displayed the artwork, together with student reflections, in the hallway and at district art exhibits. Rachel Wintemberg teaches art to grades five to eight at Samuel E. Shull School in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, and is a con- tributing editor for SchoolArts. rachelhw1966 @ N A T I O N A L S T A N D A R D Creating: Conceiving and developing new artistic ideas and work. W E B L I N K thehelpfulartteacher.blogspot. com/2012/07/rhythmic-line-designs- and-patterns.html) Kiara, grade seven. SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM 31

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