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22 SEPTEMBER 2018 SchoolArts traumatic event in your school or community? • how to use art to take care of yourself when you hear students' sad and painful stories? Scribbling For this activity, you'll need large sheets of drawing paper and paper with a circle drawn on it. To warm up, take a crayon in both hands and scribble large circles in the air for a minute. Next, transfer those marks to the large paper. Fill the entire paper with scrib - bling. Channel any frustration, stress, a nd tension in the body through your arms onto the paper. Use deep pressure to scribble as hard as you can. After scribbling for three to four A rt-making is a great way to channel emotions, de- stress, and manage frustra- tions. In this two-part series a bout the use of therapeutic art approaches, I draw on my practice and experience as an art therapist working with adolescents and young adults in a hospital and special edu - cation school and as an art educator i n a university setting. T hese art experiences are suggestions for use in the classroom or other alternative settings and as self-care strategies for educators. It is important to note that the art experiences presented here have therapeutic value; however, they are not art therapy. Have you ever wondered… • what to do when students' energy levels are high and they need to calm down? • what to do when students are stressed and need to de-stress? • how to transition students into a lesson when they need to refocus? • what you could do as an art teacher when there has been a Students can use this opportunit o release or let go of whatever the need to, b cribbling it out. Lisa Kay IT OUT Students scribble on large sheets of paper and refocus with a mandala-designing activity using a circle template. Students enjoy the playful activity of scribbling followed by the calming experience of creating their mandalas. A L L L E V E L S

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