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E L E M E N T A R Y R ecently, I decided to incorporate the art of adinkra cloth into my fourth-grade self-portrait lesson. As we began the unit of study, we looked at printmaking artists from Ghana, West Africa, who use stamps made from gourds to print symbols onto fabric. We also discussed the meaning and importance of the sym - bols to the people of Ghana. For a great introductory video on adinkra, see the Web Links at the end of this article. I asked my students to each draw on paper four different abstract designs that had personal meaning to them. The size can vary, but using paper and foam board pieces cut into 3 x 12" strips from 9 x 12" pieces creates four 3" squares, and is an easy measurement with which to work. Printmaking If printmaking is a new process for your students, or for review, you Patterned & Printed Michael Van Meter might want to share a how-to video (see Web Links). When students' drawings were finished, they trans- ferred their designs onto the thin f o am board and were ready to print. St udents chose one color of construction paper as the color of their shirt and one color for the printed design. They made multiple prints from the foam board, filling colored papers in the style of the adinkra cloth. SELF-PORTRAITS Cut-paper hair styles from two students.

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