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SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM 19 The Visual Problem The student will: • Develop an accordion book b y c hoosing an organic object ( something from nature) and a n inorganic object (something h uman-made) that are pola r opposites. These carefully selected objects will share m etaphorical connections. • Generate a list of four or fiv e unique characteristics for each o f the selected objects. • Develop a visual representation f or each object and share his or her written insights. text into their books would have that option. And, at the risk of tighten- ing down the process even further, I m ight specify blocks during which all students would work on their draw- ings or paintings of the organic object a nd the human-made object, instead of allowing them to work on parts of the book in whatever order they chose. Finally, so that all students achieve at the highest level of which they are capable, I am considering asking students who were disap - pointed in their books to cut out the b est aspects and reassemble them into a more successful work of art. Conclusion by Ken Vieth When we affix symbolic meaning to random objects, we may discover complexities in our own lives that we did not know were there. By look- ing at opposites, we begin to see how divergent we are as people. This real- ization can foster a greater apprecia- tion and acceptance of all people and their differences as an asset rather than a liability. Students can benefit in unexpected ways when they ana- lyze, synthesize, and cross-reference information involved in successfully solving this visual problem. Note: This lesson provides a great opportunity to collaborate with an English language arts colleague! Betsy DiJulio is a National Board Certi- fied art teacher at Princess Anne High School, Virginia Beach, Virginia, and a regular contributor to SchoolArts. Eliza- beth.DiJulio @VBSchools Ken Vieth is an art educator and artist, the author of From Ordinary to Extraordinary and Engaging the Adolescent Mind, and a co-author of The Visual Experience, all published by Davis. kcvieth@ N A T I O N A L S T A N D A R D Creating: Conceiving and developing new artistic ideas and work. W E B L I N K School/High-School.aspx Accordion book by Emma Todd.

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