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16 SEPTEMBER 2018 SchoolArts H I G H S C H O O L THE PINEAPPLE Ken Vieth and Betsy DiJulio of text for each of the two objects, and a concluding quote. Betsy asked students to include a self-portrait on their cover. The Pineapple and the Suitcase I invite you to do this project along- side your students. This shows your interest and commitment in the pro - cess as well as your involvement as a creative artist. Oddly, the title for my example, The Pineapple and The Suitcase, came first and I just ran with it. To me, the patterns in a pineapple are orderly and its spiky green leaves represent that I am driven and A s an art educator, I believe in developing projects that call for students to produce images that are aestheti - cally strong. This requires them to think about their creative experi - ence and who they are as individu- als. Reflecting upon one's own learn- ing or thinking processes provides the artist with a more complete understanding of how the work was conceived and produced. Producing a summative statement reflecting upon the creative process encourages the making of work that not only meets the aesthetic criteria, but also carries a deeper meaning. In the experience that I call "the Pineapple and the Suitcase," the student-artist is invited to create an accordion book in which metaphors, similes, and other forms of comparison are used to illustrate selected personal characteristics of the artist. Since I am no longer in the classroom, art teacher Betsy DiJulio kindly agreed to test the lesson with her students. The product of this process is a book that contains a cover page, one visual image for each object, a page THE SUITCASE

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