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September 2018

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H I G H S C H O O L "If it's a small 2D piece, I've found that l ing it on the floor where sun is shining in evenl nd photographing it from above (withou hadow) works reall , reall ell. Then I just crop out the floor. I experimented with several windows to find which gave me the most even light." — Moon Bishop Follow SchoolArts on Facebook and Twitter for a chance to hav our favorites featured! "Shoot on a cloud n an easel, but if the artwork is reflective in an , such as a piece with dark graphite areas, shoot it on the ground to avoid shin reflective areas." —Diane Phares HACKS ART "For portfolio work I like to use a neutral back- drop and reflected light. I have the students pl ith the reflectors to see the best use of light. Mak our own reflectors from foam core and spr aint to save $... for social media pics I go for natural light." —Brennan ART "Students work with a friend or two who will put their phones on flashlight mode and shine it on the artwork to manipulate best lighting while the student snaps the shot with a separate camera." — Carrie Jeruzal This month, SchoolArts asked our Facebook and Twitter followers to share some of their favorite tips and tricks to taking good photos of student artwork. TIPS AND TRICKS FOR MAKING ARTROOM LIFE EASIER SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM 15

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